Our History

Our history

A century old history of jewelers in Biella

Cucco – Cucco – Albonico – Boglietti

Mrs. Alesssandra Cucco

Married Bena

Ottavio Cucco


Born in 1863, founder of the Biella’s jewelry dynasty with Patek Philippe

Leonzio Cucco

He continued the tradition of jeweler in Biella by including the Rolex brand in the 1930s

Dr. Guido Cucco


He was one of the first doctors who began the scientific activity of organ transplants on animals

Ottavio Cucco was born in Biella in 1863, he was the brother of the banker Alessandro Cucco. He firstly worked at the renowned Gramaglia jewelry in Turin, the official supplier of the Royal House Savoia. Then in 1886, at only 23 years old, he opened a prestigious jewelry in Biella, on the ground floor of Petiva Palace, in Via Umberto 63, that at the time was the business centre of the city.

It fast became the “City’s Jeweller”, offering PATEK PHILIPPE as the top brand. In 1892 his son Leonzio was born, that will follow his father Ottavio at the end of 1920s. Leonzio Cucco followed his father footsteps and continued to be “Biella’s Jeweller”. In the 1930 the famous brand ROLEX followed PATEK PHILIPPE. Being authorized retailer of both PATEK PHILIPPE and ROLEX at that time, but now as well, is really rare in Italy, but also worldwide.

In 1945 Leonzio Cucco, not having sons, decide to pass his role of “Biella’s Jeweller” to the Albonico couple, from Milan. Francesco Albonico, really skilled in watchmaking, had worked at the famous Gobbi 1842 jewelry; while his wife Teresina was the daughter of well known Milan’s jewellers.

In 1947 the couple moved their business to Via Italia 11, in the central area of Biella, taking on the tradition of “Biella’s Jeweller”.In 1978 the Albonicos, not having sons either, appointed as their successor Roberto Boglietti, Walter’s son and Eden’s nephew, who was only 23 years old. Walter and Eden were nationally known as goldsmiths and engravers.

Roberto Boglietti, only 23 years old like Ottavio Cucco was, became “Biella’s Jeweller” and successor of the famous jewelry. Nowadays, Roberto Boglietti is not only an authorized retailer for PATEK PHILIPPE and ROLEX, but also for other important international brands. Moreover, all jewels and watches designed by him are famous worldwide.

immagine dell'ingresso di boglietti gioielliere
Roberto’s skills in design create an added value: timeless, tailor made, customizable and unique jewels. His natural talent opened him the doors of famous Swiss brands: they would ask him to design new products. Those are the wonderful ‘80s: life undergo big changes, moved by the enthusiasm of that period.
immagine dell'ingresso di boglietti gioielliere
The small workshop, now turned into temple of luxury: Cartier, Dietrich, Frederique Constant, IWC, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Longines, Patek Philippe, Pomellato, Rolex, Tudor raised it to the top. An history made by passion. A passion Roberto was able to pass on to Guglielmo, that works with him since 2012, like Roberto did in his twenties. He is driven by the strong family tradition and his sense of beauty.