iCorner Rolex




    Boglietti Gioielliere has a wealth of experience acquired over the years, a child of dynasties and tradition. Right from the first commercial relations, the Biella store has been an important point of contact with the Rolex company, which led to the construction of a splendid partnership.



    In 1930 Leonzio Cucco hosted the Commander Franco Locatelli arriving from Geneva in his Biella boutique.
    The first to represent Rolex in Italy. From that encounter began the commercial relations between the Biella retailer and the Rolex factory in Geneva.

    1945 - 1978

    In 1945 Francesco and Teresina Albonico took over from Leonzio Cucco, helping to reinforce Rolex's prestige in the Biella area.
    In 1978 the Albonico family sold their business to Boglietti and the direct line to the Genevan parent company was replaced by the relationship with the Romalo distribution company.


    Rolex & Boglietti

    The Biella Boutique thus established its first relations with the Marini family, headed by Dr. Renato, accompanied by his sons Gianpaolo and Gian Riccardo, pioneers in the development of the Brand in Italy.