About us


Only who combines studies and everyday practice can consider himself competent. Boglietti jeweler will assist you with qualified staff and a watchmaking laboratory authorized by brands.


Every seller, especially in the luxury field, should satisfy customers. In other words, should make them smile. Therefore, courtesy, as well as know-how and professionally are the core mission of Boglietti jewelry.


It’s quality that distinguish between incompetent and competent person. In such a delicate matter, as jewelry is, only a strong trust between the parts can keep customers. Trust gan be gained mainly with professionalism.

Something which is not eternal, is nothing.
A jewel is forever.
A jewel perpetuate in the centuries the love of who donated it.
Boglietti’s jewels are timeless, thanks to their high quality and their design, they don’t fear the passage of time like other jewels do.
They are the long lasting memory of somebody, of family, of love.
Boglietti Jeweler wants to give you a piece of past, present and future.


(Photo taken in 1992)

Roberto Boglietti

Soul and beating heart of the business.
Specialist in jewelry and watchmaking,
he will personally design your tailor-made jewel.
His creations don’t fear fashion changes,
as something truly beautiful is eternal.

(Photo taken in 2017)

Guglielmo Gaddi

He brought a refreshing change to Boglietti Jeweler.
His enthusiasm and natural skills,
as well as familiarity with new technologies,
make a brand new start.
Tradition has been passed on to the next generation.